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The Source is a Canadian consumer electronics and cell phone retail chain. They have asked for a self-service system to be designed, where customers can browse, order and pay for products directly without the need to locate the items in-store or wait for store associates, especially during busy retail periods. It will feature a kiosk station with a mounted iPad or a wall-mounted touchscreen TV with a cashless payment terminal located below. This is a pilot project that will be tested in select locations. 


  • Complex Product Selection
    Selecting products can be challenging for customers with technology and product features changing very quickly.


  • Ease of Use
    This system needs to be inviting and user-friendly for customers who will be interacting with it for the first time.

  • Smooth Process
    The customer should not feel frustrated by limitations of stock or complications in collecting the product.  


  • Educate and Inform
    Develop a decision tree to help customers narrow down their search for the most appropriate product for their needs.

  • User-Centred UI
    Using user-centred methodologies, keep the UI simple and intuitive, providing a delightful user experience.

  • Endless Shelf System
    Whether the product is in stock or not, the customer will have the option to have it shipped directly to their home.


  • Product selection has become a highly engaging process for customers, as they can directly search for the product if they know what they want, or if unsure, they can use the decision tree to confidently make informed decisions.

  • Products can be paid for directly using a cashless payment terminal, or via mobile payment from their smartphones by scanning a barcode displayed on the screen.

  • Customers can choose to have staff bring their order to the front for them or to have their purchases shipped directly to their home. 

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