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The K's are an independent band from Earlestown, England. They have an irresistible and irrefutable spirit that needs to be reflected in their visual material. I have been tasked with showing this spirit in posters for various concerts and tours to share on social media channels and in print. In addition, various swag items are also requested to support each tour. 


  • Reflect Musical Style in Visuals
    Their distinct musical personality needs to be represented visually to distinguish them in crowded space.

  • Attract a Fan Base
    Being a band, it is important to attract and establish a growing fan base.

  • Attract Labels
    As an independent band with a string of singles, they are eager for their first record deal.  


  • Incorporate Energetic Colours and Visuals
    Through colour and image selection, ensure graphics evoke an energetic and upbeat vibe. 

  • Show a Playfulness in Imagery 
    Appeal to younger crowds by showing playfulness to stand out amongst an angst-laden genre.

  • Digital-First Strategy
    Proactively self-promote through digital content to expand the fanbase.


  • Research independent music culture in the UK to get a feel for the target audience.

  • Collaborate between photographers and band management to put collateral pieces together.

  • Create visuals that carry the energy of the band into the collateral.





  • The K's have become a cult sensation, with their debut album I Wonder If The World Knows? reaching #3 on the UK album charts in its first week of release, next to Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter. They have amassed over 34K Instagram followers, 162K monthly listeners on Spotify, 4 million streams of their debut single “Sarajevo”, and their recent single "Hoping Maybe" reached number 2 on the iTunes chart, second only to Miley Cyrus.

  • By creating visuals that connect with their target audience while reflecting their unique musical style, The K's have quickly grown their fan base to the point where concerts regularly draw sell-out crowds and The K's are becoming a regular headlineing act in the UK., with regular invitations to perform at large festivals including Glastonbury 2024.

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