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  • Determining the Correct Scent
    Customers can find it a challenge to select a scent that represents their personality.


  • Product Awareness
    Customers may not be aware of the expanded product lines or how to use products in combination.

  • Clienteling
    Associates are to give customers the highest level of treatment, being fully knowledgeable about them on each return visit.  


  • Create a Scent Profile
    Though a quick form, a scent profile will be created for each customer from which products can be recommended.

  • Product Routines
    Custom-tailored to each customer, product routines can be created to help customers reach their scent and skin goals.

  • Customer Profiles
    Associates will have access to customer profiles containing their scent profiles, product routines, and shopping history in order to provide custom-tailored customer experiences.


  • Adapt the solution from work we have done for cosmetic retailers.

  • Create a routine builder, where store associates can combine products together to create product routines for customers.

  • Keep the app light and easy to use to be engaging for store associates and customers.


  • The consultation experience will be elevated, especially with the introduction of the scent profile generator. The tools built into the associate app create a seamless consultation process that leads to the product routine builder feature. 

  • Store associates can use a customer's scent profile to recommend products and routines tailored specifically to each customer's preferred scent style.

  • To build an ongoing relationship with the customer, a consultation summary will be retained in a customer file for future visits as well as being sent to the customer via email.

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