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  • Easily Add Card Number to Account
    Users need to be able to easily add their Aeroplan card to their LCBO account.


  • Customer Awareness
    Customers may be unaware of the new loyalty program or how to add their card to their account.

  • Allow Card-Sharing
    As couples or friends share cards, users
     need to be able to share cards or use a card as a one-off at check-out.  


  • Save Card Numbers in User Profiles
    Create a section in the User Profile to save the Aeroplan card number with their account.

  • High Visibility
    Display the Aeroplan logo when points are available plus have reminders when checking out for users to include it.

  • Flexibility
    Multiple people can save the same card to their account, plus different card numbers can be used at check-out.


  • Design UI elements that seamlessly integrate with the LCBO app while also being visually recognized as being part of the Aeroplan loyalty program.

  • Keep interactions and steps as easy and intuitive as possible.

  • Provide more than one route for customers to collect Aeroplan points by adding options at checkout, in case they have not connected their card to their account.


  • Aeroplan integration through the LCBO mobile app has resulted in high numbers of users connecting their Aeroplan accounts to their LCBO profiles, as well as leading users to sign-up for Aeroplan points that didn't already participate.

  • Customers can easily see which products currently have Aeroplan offers and can adjust their product selections in order to accumulate loyalty points if they choose to do so.

  • Aeroplan loyalty points collection has been highly successful via the LCBO mobile app.

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