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Kinetic Commerce is a Toronto-based retail technology company that builds digital products for retailers to create seamless and compelling retail experiences for their customers and store associates.


  • Stand out From Competitors
    With increasing competition, the brand needs to stand out from the competition.


  • Attract New Business
    Looking to widen the client raster, there is a desire to attract new business outside of the core client-base.

  • Drive Brand Forward
    In wanting to attract new business, there is a desire to refresh the brand.  


  • Maintain a Unique Look from Competitors
    Ensure visuals and messaging are unique to Kinetic Commerce and distinct from the competition.

  • Appeal to Wider Audiences
    Being deeply entrenched in fashion and beauty products, update the brand to appeal to a wider range of retailers.


  • Experiment With New Directions
    Introduce more dynamic colour themes and imagery for consideration for the branding update.


  • Maintain charcoal and emerald base colours for web articles and the corporate site.

  • Work with more dynamic colours on one-off pieces and events and gauge results.

  • Mock-up upcoming collateral with new colour schemes.

Kinetic Animation Design

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Moving Forward

  • Having established the charcoal and emerald branding, a red and blue colour scheme was chosen to try new pieces on, for a potential corporate rebrand.

  • This colour scheme has been tested in limited-use pieces and upcoming collateral.

  • The new look has successfully attracted business from a wider range of new clientele.

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