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Brand Strategy + Product Design


Hypelog is a dedicated online marketplace for passionate vintage clothing collectors. It offers a range of features such as buying, selling, showcasing, and trading rare and unique vintage items. Users can earn points for transacting with other collectors, and curate extensive catalogues to display their collections. The app also features a leaderboard that highlights the top users, who are rewarded with exclusive access to special features and giveaways.  


  • Target Market
    Dedicated vintage clothing collectors with a deep passion for rare and unique items, particularly sneakers and t-shirts.


  • Building the Community
    Attract passionate collectors and encourage them to bring in their networks and foster a thriving community.


  • Consolidation
    Collectors have to navigate multiple platforms to connect with sellers, find extremely rare items, and cultivate the networks they rely on in order to build their collections.


  • Bespoke Tools
    Attract users by offering specific features deep collectors need for building networks and growing their collections.


  • Platform
    Create a centralized platform to facilitate meaningful connections among serious collectors and sellers.


  • Streamlined Process
    Bring these specific requirements into a single, user-friendly platform that streamlines the entire process and creates a seamless experience for collectors.

Brand Identity

The client seeks a brand identity that reflects the platform's unique feature of allowing users to earn money and status through their activity. While the client suggested a 'street' aesthetic with graffiti lettering and a grey/neon green colour scheme, my recommendation is a retro-inspired pink and purple neon style to evoke nostalgia and create a more welcoming feel. Both options will be presented side-by-side for the client to review.




The client chose to move forward with the retro, neon purple and pink styling.


After internal and external review, a few revisions were requested:

  • Show the top leader from the leaderboard on the home screen

  • Include transaction data on the user's profile screen

High-Fidelity Mockups



  • After finalizing the product design and user flow, the client is satisfied with the results and will move forward with the build.

  • Target users have reviewed the mockups and expressed enthusiastic interest in using the platform as soon as it launches.

  • The feedback from our target users on the branding has been overwhelmingly positive. The client has asked that branding be expanded to other digital properties, including the website and social media accounts

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