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Uniform Assistant App

The Challenge

GardaWorld requested an application to simplify the uniform customization procedure while onboarding new clients. During this process, GardaWorld's account representatives meet with property management executives on-site to determine personalized uniform combinations that match their business needs and the diverse security services offered by each guard. To illustrate, some guards may require high visibility and all-weather gear for patrolling parking lots, while others may need to maintain a polished and professional appearance in corporate settings.

Pain Points

  • Fatigue
    Selecting products individually fatigues clients by being a lengthy process that requires too many decisions.


  • Ease of Use
    Account Reps aim to encourage client engagement with the app by involving them in the uniform selection process.

  • Complex Product Catalogue
    Simplifying the selection process for new clients is crucial, as many products can seem identical at first glance.  


  • Reduce Steps
    Use sales data to display
     upfront the most common uniform configurations for each category for swift selection.

  • Simplicity
    Utilize large images, minimal text, and a user-centred flow for engaging and effortless interaction.

  • Lookbook
    Build a lookbook showcasing uniforms worn by models in real settings, for visualization of each configuration.



High Fidelity Mock Ups

After reviews, feedback and edits, I produced high-fidelity mock-ups in order to gauge look and feel of the app.


After internal and external review, a few revisions were requested:

  • Remove the need for a login screen, the client is comfortable with the device's built-in user authentication

  • Have the nav fully visible at all times by replacing the left side hero images with a stacked text nav

Final Build



  • Uniform selection is now a highly engaging process for new GardaWorld clients, with completion time reduced from 30 to 5 minutes per uniform.

  • Clients find the experience enjoyable and are pleasantly surprised by its quick and effortless nature.

  • GardaWorld account reps appreciate the app's user-friendliness and look forward to using it with new clients. 

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